Entwined Hands, Cold cast Bronze sculpture

Entwined Hands, Cold cast Bronze sculpture

Code: 10950


W: 10cm (3.9")H: 15cm (5.9")D: 7cm (2.8")


Entwined Hands, Cold cast Bronze sculpture.

"Cold Cast Bronze" is a technique used for making sculptures, it involves blending bronze powders with a specially formulated resin to produce a material which is applied to the interior of a silicone mould. The mould is then filled with a blend of resin and bronze metal powder, the sculpture is then left to set. The finished item has the same appealing look of a bronze sculpture, a cool feel and is weighted. All in all, a cold cast bronze sculpture is a piece of art produced for a fraction of the cost of solid bronze but still carrying the same incredible detail and design. All of our bronze sculptures and figures are produced this way.